2016 was the year when I have decided that I was to create the studio.

I was almost 23 years old and had no funds.

I decided to sell my car and my motorcycle and with my brother’s support I managed to rent a garage, buy the basic tools, the engine for the first project and the materials I needed for it.

“Dream big!“ told me Max Hazan at some point ...

ANDREI HOTOLEANU founder of Different Motorcycle

I think that my biggest success so far was to raise this studio and this kind of art, a type of art that is almost inexistent in my country.

The activity that I undertake in my studio has attracted a lot of support from cool people who wish, to the same extent as I do, for me to be able to develop my projects.

A huge success is also the fact that I constantly learn new things. I educate and discipline myself through this studio.

I can say that after two years of work I am very changed as a person and I have a thirst of achieving great things on many plans.

What I enjoy the most at this type of work is that I balance my creative spirit and sustain the relation between man and creation.

I am often visited at the studio by friends and through this studio I meet a lot of very special people. I make my own schedule. I do what I love and it keeps me in the middle of my passion: the two wheels.

If I will ever be able to inspire other people in the same way Max Hazan inspired me, is the only success I truly need.

ANDREI HOTOLEANU founder of Different Motorcycle

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